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Physical relations with prostitutes

Though having physical relations with prostitutes is not unnatural, it is no way legitimate Islamically and legally. Apart from it, love and affection from a prostitute revolves around monetary benefits and due to lack of true love she would never be able to offer sexual contentment. Moreover, a prostitute welcomes all customers walking to her, and some of them are likely to carry infectious diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea and AIDS that may be transmitted through her to other costumers. Having sex with woman during menstruation period invites various diseases. Prostitutes never tell about they are in their periods because sex for them is a business, thus, people contract with fatal infectious diseases by going physical during menstruation period.

Infertility in Europe twice as many

A fertility specialist in Britain said in a conference that in Europe presently one couple in every seven faced problem in naturally giving birth to a baby. He added that within next ten years every third couple would suffer from it.

Professor Bill Ledger of Sheffield University suggested in the conference that working women should be given a rest period so that they could get pregnant at young age when they are more fit to produce a baby. He said that obesity and sexual diseases were on rise, and the number of people afflicted with Chlamydia (a sexual disease causing infertility) had grown twice as many. Girls below nineteen were obese by six percent. He stated that possible increase in men's infertility might affect couples. According to him sperm has gone down in terms of quantity and quality. He feared that youth today would suffer from infertility tomorrow. According to Dr Ledger diseases caught by girls during sexual indulgence at young age, block their crucial vessels and later as grown up when they want to enjoy motherhood they do not conceive. He said that career conscious women were giving birth late and the downfall in birth rate had posed a threat to European population. He said that trend could be changed and gave the example of Scandinavian countries in northern Europe where women were encouraged to have a baby at young age. He advocated that following the example of France, Britain too should offer tax relaxation to women who take a break in career in order to give birth to child. He said that the ability to give birth goes down in women older than 35 years.

Premature Ejaculation

From among the sexual diseases the most embarrassing one is the affliction with premature ejaculation. In case it persists, it becomes real hard to maintain smooth marital relation and husband feels so embarrassed before his wife that he loses interest in life.

Nocturnal Emission

Semen release while sleeping is said to be Nocturnal Emission. Natural emission happens out of dreams with an errection followed by a sense of relaxation and activeness in the next morning. It happens not more than twice or thrice a month. In case of sexual illness it may happen daily, after two or three days or sometimes twice in a night. To be noted, frequency of Nocturnal Emissions is early stage of Spermatorrhoea. It entails the same consequences as Spermatorrhoea does; such as urine inflammation, pain in testicles, weakness and laziness, forgetfulness and irritability. The illness is quite curable with proper treatment and prevention.

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HIV/AIDS Treatment in Herbal

(A, B, C, D, E)

The HOO-IMM PLUS (A, B, C, D, E) is an absolutely new, novel, pioneering and revolutionary concept from Unani Herbal to medical science. It is a very safe, efficacious Indian medicine for the relief of AIDS according to the degree & stage of affliction.

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