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Since afal (functions ) and quwa (faculties) are inseparable and it's functions that are testimony to the presence of quwa, therefore, afal are as many as there are quwa.

Classification of Functions:

1. According to quwa (faculties)
2. According to the number of quwat (power) sub serving a particular function.

Classification of Functions According to quwa (faculties)

  1. Natural functions.
  2. a. Function of nutrition
    b. Function of growth.
    c. Function of reproduction.

  3. Mental or psychic functions.
  4. a. sensory function. b. Motor functions. c. Intellectual functions.
  5. Vital functions.
  6. a. Blood circulation. b. Respiration.

Classification of Functions According to number of quwat (power) participating in a function:

1. Simple functions:

Examples under quwa Tabiyah:

a. Attraction or absorption.
b. Retention.
c. Function of transformation
d. Function of expulsion.

1.Examples under quwa-e-naf saniya.

a. Depolarization.
b. Development of action potential.
c. Conduction of impulse through neurons.
d. Contraction of the muscle fibers.

Examples under quwa-e- haywaniyah

a. Exchange of gases in the lungs and tissues.
b. production of general energy in the form of A.T.P.

2. Compound function

Examples under quwa Tabiyah

a. Mastication of food.
b. Deglutition
c. Digestion of food in gastro intestinal tract.
d. Propulsion & defecation.
e. Formation of urine etc.

Examples under quwa- e- nafsaniyah.

a. Function of sight, hearing, smell, taste and tactile sensations b. Various voluntary & involuntary movements.
c. Function of thought, ideation, memory and other intellectual functions.

Examples under quwa-e-haywaniyah.

a. Respiration.
b. Systole and diastole of heart.
c. Vasoconstriction and dilatation acting under quwa nafsaniyah.

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